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Flowering Time: 8 Weeks         
THC Range: 18 - 22%   


Terpenes: 1-3%


With an uplifting high and a sweet and fruity fragrance, these feminized hybrid seeds are a Purple Papaya cross. Very vigorous and healthy growth makes this strain great for both outdoor growing or greenhouses. This energizing strain is a pleasure to grow and smoke. Terpene rich, smooth aromatic flavours include; earthy hops, fresh citrusy pine, and a warm hint of cinnamon drawn from Myrcene, Pinene and Humulene dominance. Finishing time outdoors in mid-September. Packaged in 100% compostable packaging with an insert to keep your seeds safe and protected.



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Durban Violette feminized seeds
All seeds are acclimatized to the Canadian Outdoor climate and finish early to Late September.
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