With a long history of breeding and developing Legendary Texada Genetics, Weathered Islands has a unique perspective on the cannabis market from its involvement in the thriving medical and legacy cannabis community on Texada Island. Weathered Islands is continuing to innovate and develop outdoor Canadian varieties.

Who is Weathered Islands
master grower

Collier, the nursery’s Master Grower, has lived on Texada Island for 25 years. While working in the thriving medical and legacy cannabis community on Texada Island, he helped innovate and develop several well known outdoor Canadian varieties. Because of this, Weathered Islands is proud to be offering many of these genetics to the recreational market in the near future.

business development

With over 10 years working in the home services industry, Jeff brings the experience of being the face of a brand, building multimillion dollar sales teams from scratch, and coaching business owners across North America. 


Jeff brings his business acumen to the Weathered Islands team with a focus on building customer and vendor relationships, organizational processes and sound financial planning.

marketing and logistics

As Weathered Islands’ resident branding expert, Camille owns all aspects of the look and feel of Weathered Islands Craft Cannabis. She brings a wide range of design experience, from the world of high budget film and television to small business brand consulting. 


Camille's eye for detail has also helped in the complex world of cannabis regulations, building Standard Operating Procedures, site and architectural plans and maintaining site compliance. 

Drawing in cannabis enthusiasts from around the world, Texada Island has long been a central destination for cannabis in Canada. Connoisseurs and industry professionals have likened Texada Island to Humboldt County, CA, known the world over as one of the epicentres of cannabis. Texada Island has played a major role in the development of outdoor cannabis strains, the most famous of them being the award-winning Texada Timewarp, which is internationally known.


Weathered Islands Craft Cannabis Nursery is fully licensed through Health Canada.

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