Weathered Islands has years of experience breeding and cultivating our Legendary Texada Genetics. Whether you're a Micro or full LP, we offer strains for your cultivation facility that are proven and easy to grow.


Are you an ACMPR or MMPR?  Contact us to see us to see how we can help.

All strains listed are available by clone, can be shipped anywhere in Canada, and come with grow consultation from our Master Grower.  

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THC: 19.22%  

Terpenes: Hops, Pine and Cinnamon

Apricot Kush

THC: 15.32%  

Terpenes: Pine, Hops and Cinnamon

High Priest

THC: 19.89%

Terpenes: Pine, Turpentine, Hops


THC: 16.78%

Terpenes: Hops, Mint, Pine

lta Nineteen 

THC: 14.87%

Terpenes: Pine, Hops, Turpentine

dv twenty five

THC: 15.03%

Terpenes: Hops, Pine, Mint

lime warp

THC: 15.76%

Terpenes: Hops, Pine, Lime

Weathered Islands Craft Cannabis Nursery is fully licensed through Health Canada.

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Pinene 0.326% Myrcene 0.183% Caryophyllene 0.159%