Weathered Islands has years of experience breeding and cultivating our Legendary Texada Genetics. Whether you're a Micro or full LP, we offer strains for your cultivation facility that are proven and easy to grow. Our genetics are acclimatized to the Canadian climate. Our master grower has over 25 years breeding experience in Canada.  We have boutiqe strains with unique terpene profiles and high thc levels.


All strains listed are available by slip or clone, can be shipped anywhere in Canada, and come with complimentary grow consultations from our Master Grower.  

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Testimonial: "I have had a phenomenal experience working with Weathered Islands Craft Cannabis. Their unique cultivar selection peeked a lot of interest from processors and sealed our first deal. The COA was accurate and I was able to pull in higher terpenes as well. Their master grower, Collier, has been their every step of the way from clones to harvest. We’re really thankful to have partnered with a like-minded company to grow into this new industry with."  Jacob, Micro Cultivator, Ontario.

Pink plum kush

THC: 19.89%

Terpenes: Pine, Turpentine, Hops

Finish Time: Mid-late September


THC: 21.10%

Terpenes: Sweet, Lavender, Eucalyptus

Finish Time: Early - Mid September


THC: 20.90%

Terpenes: Sweet, Lavender, Wood

Finish Time: Early - Mid September


THC: 15.76%

Terpenes: Hops, Pine, Lime

Finish Time: Mid September


THC: 15.03%

Terpenes: Hops, Pine, Mint

Finish Time: Mid September

apricot kush

THC: 15.32%

Terpenes: Pine, Hops and Cinnamon

Finish Time: Mid September

timewarp apricot

THC: 14.87%

Terpenes: Pine, Hops, Turpentine

Finish Time: Mid September

Weathered Islands Craft Cannabis Nursery is fully licensed through Health Canada.