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    Weathered Islands provides an opportunity for people to access greenhouse, indoor and acclimatized outdoor medicinal marijuana seeds.


    The unique genetics within our strains, create rare fragrances and a variety of medicinal attributes. With a familiar, yet ancient aroma, many people are enjoying the benefits of this plant which has a long history of use on our planet.

    Our expertise in character identification, has allowed winning combinations of crystal concentration, flavour, mould resistance, structure and vigour. Selectively line breeding to create stable strains with rich genetic lineage.

    Genetics are of utmost importance to ensure disease resistance, specific medicinal attributes, unique fragrances, finishing times, yields, bud formations and general quality.

  • Seed germination - how to be successful



    Germination is a natural process and needs little from us beyond creating the environment for this to take place.


    The seeds need to be warm, moist and in the dark, with air exchanged regularly. This can be achieved simply by placing the seeds in a clean glass of distilled water and placing the glass somewhere warm and dark (the cupboard above your fridge is ideal).

    This can take as little as 24 hours and up to 2 weeks. The seed will split and a tiny root tip will emerge. Water will need to be replaced every couple of days.

    Another traditional method is to lay a couple of layers of moist (not sopping wet) paper towel on a plate, being careful not to let the paper towel lay over the edge of the plate. Place the seeds on top of the moist paper towel and place more layers of moist paper towel on top of the seeds. Cover this with another inverted plate and put somewhere warm. When you lift the plate to check them, let the condensation that has collected on the lid run back onto the paper towel, be sure to check them daily to ensure they are still moist.

    When the shell has cracked or the root tip has just emerged it’s time to plant them in whatever medium you intend to grow them in.

    Plant the seed with the pointy end of the seed up. The root tip will grow down into the medium and push the seedling up through the surface. The seedling will need light and air as soon as it comes through the surface.
    The greatest danger at the seedling stage is over watering. The tiny stems cannot handle water around them at all times or they will rot and keel over. Let the surface of the medium dry before watering to avoid this.

    Be sure to check your seeds daily, make sure there is enough water – if the seeds dry out during this process they will die.

  • seedlings

    Starting seeds:

    Simply place seed into a pencil diameter hole about a 1/4”-1/2” deep in well drained, moist soil. A beer cup sized container with drainage holes, is perfect for starting seeds. Keep soil moist and keep temperature around 14-21 C. Protect from predators including mice, slugs, birds, and excessive moisture, cold, dryness, or heat.

    A grow tray with seed starting soil and a dome is perfect. Once seedlings start sprouting, make sure light is good and temperature cool to avoid stretching. Seedlings can handle near freezing temperatures and love greenhouses or cold frames. Seedlings like very light fertilizer and an all around 5-5-5 or a 5-1-1 are sufficient. Once seedlings have grown a few sets of their own leaves they can be transplanted into bigger containers.

    The bigger the container the bigger the seedlings will grow.Yields will vary dependent on container size.


    Yields under natural light: (possible to get more or less depending on grow conditions)

    2-4 ounces 3 gal pots (plants will finish 2-4 weeks earlier)

    1/4-1/2lb in 7 gal pots (plants will finish 1-2 weeks earlier)

    1/2-1lb in 20 gal pots

    1lb + 30 gal and more (plants may finish 1-2 weeks later)


    Organic Potting mix:

    1 bale of pro mix, 5 gallons of composted manure. Use BioBizz grow and bloom according to their instructions.


    Grow Outdoors:

    Once seedlings are transplanted into their final container, make sure the pot or bed is in a well ventilated, well drained, sunny, warm place that is protected from mice, deer or other harmful elements. Water frequently but do not over water. Fertilize accordingly. Flush 2-3 weeks before harvest, and let soil gradually get dryer closer to harvest time.


    Growing Greenhouse: (same as outdoor plus)

    Very Similar to outdoors, but temperatures can easily get too hot. Above 25C problems like bugs and root rot can become issues. Ventilation may need to be implemented, and moisture levels may need to be regulated.


    Growing Indoors: (same as outdoor plus)

    Because all of Ancestral Seeds will finish outdoors under natural daylight hours, it can mean that indoors, the plants will be more inclined to flower (even under 18 hours). While great results indoors are possible, if you have flowering issues with our seeds try the following tips.

    Generally you can keep plants from going into flower by having lots of soil, big containers, don't let soil get to dry, use a high nitrogen fertilizer like a 5-1-1 or 5-2-3.

    If plants do flower prematurely, we recommend to transplant to larger containers, wait a few days and then prune all flowering tips way back. Also keep lights back, (to strong of light can trigger), keep slightly cooler when in vegetative. Because early outdoor strains need to trigger with relatively long days it makes outdoor strains harder to keep in vegetative state than most indoor. The earlier the phenotype will finish outdoors the more likely they will trigger indoors.

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