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Purple Papaya infused Prerolls

  • THC: 37-42% 

  • Terpenes:3-3.5%

  • Terpenes: Ocimene, Farnesene, Limonene

  • Flavours: Sweet, fruity

Experience a juicy and flavourful jamboree in this diamond infused 1x1g preroll. Purple Papaya features Wild Coastal Diamonds infused into some terpene heavy BC LSO flower. Packed with old school flavours and the sweet aromatic terps of a modern age. Weathered Islands' 1 gram infused pre-rolled joint is carefully crafted with hand-harvested plants and infused with pure diamonds to ensure you get a consistent THC range. Grown organically in living soil and evenly rolled for a smooth burn, this monster joint is perfect to grab and go! Packaged in a fully compostable tube.

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