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pink apricot
Pink Apricot.jpg

With frosty buds, a unique smell and elevating high, Pink Apricot has an appeal few other strains can match.  The flowers are predominantly light green in colour with pinkish hues making for a distinct and interesting appearance. High in Myrcene, with a rich background of mint, pine and sweet camphene make for a delicious terp balance. A great option for outdoor in southern Canada, this strain will finish early - mid September, has good mold resistance and great vigor. Proven outdoor classic!

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Pink Apricot.jpg
    pack of REGULAR seeds

Flowering Time: 8 Weeks         
THC Range: 14-18%   


Terpenes: 1.856%

All seeds are acclimatized to the Canadian Outdoor climate and finish early to Late September.
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