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APRICOT KUSH Regular seeds
Apricot Kush.jpg

Flowering Time: 8 Weeks         
THC: Range 14-18%   

Balanced Sativa Indica

Terpenes: 1.306%


One of BC’s most legendary strains, Apricot Kush (regular seeds) is known for its outstanding flavour and early outdoor finishing time. Best for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, plants will grow to a medium height with a flowering period of 8 weeks to maturity. From first-time growers to experts, Apricot Kush is an easy-to-grow plant with great yield and bud density.


This strain is ready to grow in your backyard or on your balcony! This incredibly tasty and flavourful cannabis strain will reach a THC concentration of 14-20% and will allow you to undergo a potent but balanced sativa-indica effect. Apricot Kush buds are very resinous with an intoxicating aroma. A superb yielder with good mold resistance, the Apricot is great outdoors or in greenhouses. An uplifting and euphoric high compliments the intense aroma.


Enjoy the experience of harvesting and trimming but fair warning -- these buds will gum up your scissors and fingers with resin. This strain will finish outdoors in mid-September so you’re able to harvest your crop before the cold. Regular Seeds.


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All seeds are acclimatized to the Canadian Outdoor climate and finish early to Late September.
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